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6 very powerful body language signals of flirting and sexual attraction

In the game of sexual attraction, what you say is not as important as what your body says. In fact, if you are that good at speaking silently, you can say a lot more with your body than words can do for you.

This is how you do it.

1. Triangular eye contact

First you need to draw attention to yourself. That can be accomplished by playing with the necklace, necklace, or earring, or by dusting off the sleeve or shoulder, just to name a few. After capturing their attention, hold their gaze for about 3 seconds, breaking down eye contact to see the nose, lips, and chin.

Triangulating eye contact communicates a desire to get to know the other person more intimately (and I’m not talking about “sexual” people!). Keep in mind that while men generally don’t mind prolonged eye contact with a strange woman (in fact, they crave it, especially if she’s incredibly beautiful), women, on the other hand, tend to be quite irritated by the prolonged stares of unknown men (even cool ones). looking for some).

Also watch out for cultural differences.

2. Eyebrow flash

Eye contact with an eyebrow flash followed by a smile has an even more powerful effect.

Make eye contact, hold your gaze for about 3 seconds, and break down eye contact (very briefly). When looking up again, notice the chin, lips, nose and up to the eyes. Add the brow flash and smile.

The message you want to send is “I was just being polite at first … but now that I’ve had a good look at it … OH-WOW!”

Shy people can do much better than aggressive ones because subtlety and modesty come naturally to shy men and women.

3. Eye-catching

Once you have their attention and the conversation is flowing, use your fingers to draw attention to his eyes and keep his gaze focused on you and only you. This is especially important when the exchange takes place in crowded or overcrowded conditions.

Gently touch your nose or gently rub your cheek making sure your index finger touches the area around the outer corner of your eye; your other fingers pointing when touching the mouth area. This says, “Look, we’re having a conversation here.” To create maximum rapport, be sure to maintain eye contact when the other person is speaking, then when their gaze begins to wander, bring it back by directing your eyes to the eyes and mouth area.

Another thing you can do is support your face with both hands with your chin resting on your palms and your elbows on the table. Gently rub the area around the outer corners of both eyes with your index or middle finger; the other fingers are spread slightly in a semicircle around his face. This gives the illusion of sharing a whisper or a secret. Very intimate!

And if you wear glasses, take them off slowly, rub your eyes very briefly, and put the glasses back on. But please make sure it’s not so obvious. And don’t make your eyes red because the apple of your eye draws their attention to the guy or the chic on the other side of the room. You should also make the conversation interesting, not just desperately trying to mechanically hold his gaze.

4. Sideways glance

This is best accomplished when you walk away or when you sit with your back to the person you want to be attracted to. Look slowly back with your eyelids partially closed, but drop your gaze the moment you notice. This gauze should be very short. Look up triangulating your eye contact starting with the chin, lips, nose and working your way up to the eyes. Smile.

Moistening your lips while lowering your gaze increases sexual tension.

For women, the sideways look combined with a parted hair and lip movement can be very powerful. For men, this brow flash is devastating! But you need a little masculine confidence not to look creepy.

5. The Leg Cross (female only)

The intertwined legs draw attention to the balance of the body and give the impression of elevated muscle tone. Crossing and uncrossing your legs while being watched by an interested man is a strong sign of attraction, especially when you are maintaining eye contact, tilting your head to the side, and stroking or rubbing one knee at the same time.

The problem here is that the type of men that you are most likely to attract with this move are the horny men – yes, the type that goes on the run! So unless you really know the guy and check his stats, keep your feet on the ground and together.

And if you’re a couple or even married, these body language moves can do wonders for your sexual chemistry. And when combined with prolonged eye contact and stroking a cylindrical object such as the stem of a wine glass, a straw, a pen, a pencil, or a cigarette … Aiyaiyaiyiayai! Houston, we have a problem “.

6. The Cowboy Hook (male only)

This “I’m all man!” Dominant posture requires greater male confidence to achieve it. It works with the thumbs tucked into the belt and the other fingers resting on the sides of the thighs framing the groin area (I said this requires more male confidence!).

You can also achieve the same effect (or close) by leaning against a door or wall post with one hand, the other in the pocket, thumb out and pointing you-know-where.

Any hand gesture that draws attention to the groin area shows great sexual and social confidence. Much depends on whether the woman in question approves of the caveman’s approach.

Will any of these visual and body communication gestures make you the man or woman of your dreams?

Not necessarily. Personally, I don’t believe that mechanical body language gestures, while effortless and flawless, can do anything for you other than boost your confidence and get sexual energy flowing into your body. At the end of the day, it’s the confident vibes that come from you that start the sexual attraction. Body language can only kick-start existing sexual chemistry. If you can use body language to set off a chain reaction, you’re halfway there!

And just as it takes effort and practice to master any language, it takes practice to master body language. You can practice in front of a mirror or with the help of a supportive friend. You will see that as you become more fluent in your flirting and sexual attraction body language, your self-confidence as a sexually attractive man or woman also increases.

Don’t take yourself too seriously. The goal is not to become an expert in body language, but to gain sexual confidence with the opposite sex. So have fun with your sexual self. It’s yours to enjoy!

You can also use this knowledge to judge whether someone is flirting with you, interested in you, and attracted to you. You can also use this knowledge to find out if someone is flirting with you, interested in you, and attracted to you. Keep in mind that body language is not an exact science.

For graphic illustrations of these very powerful body language signals of flirting and sexual attraction, click here and watch your flirtation and sexual confidence go through the roof.

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