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8 Quick Tips for Writing Your Own Witchcraft Spells and Rituals

When you’re starting out, you’ll probably be using spells and rituals written in books by others. But, eventually, you’ll want to write your own spells and rituals. Your words, being more personal to you, have much greater power for you. It would be better if you can speak from your heart during the magical rite, without reading it from “cheat sheets”. For this reason, I like to keep everything I do fairly basic and simple, so that I can easily memorize the basic outline I’ll be using. And then once I’m doing the ritual, if something flows through me, I can add to it and/or modify it to suit the moment. I have found that the best magic is spontaneous and flows from the moment. However, for the events that I have more news for, like the Sabbats, I will take the time to write a basic outline that will help me express all my thoughts and ideas and help get the creativity flowing.

Here are 8 quick tips you can use when you’re ready to create your own spells and rituals.

Tip 1: Determine the purpose of the spell or ritual. Make sure your intent is as clear as possible. I suggest you keep your intention as simple as possible and limit yourself to one thing at a time. It will help you focus your energy better.

Tip 2: Determine what ritual aspects are necessary for your purpose. Ritual aspects include things like setting up your altar, casting the circle, calling Watchtowers, and summoning spirits or deities. Not every ritual/spell you do will require all of these steps. For more formal rites, I’ll form a formal circle, but sometimes it’s enough to light a candle and declare the room a sacred space. It depends on the effect you are looking for, you should choose what seems suitable to you.

Tip 3 – Determine which tools fit your purpose, including oils, candles, herbs, stones, animal totems, and ritual tools. Remember, none of these things are required. These things help guide the energy and focus your intention, but the real power comes from within.

Tip 4: Determine whose presence you will request. (Gods, Goddesses, Angels, Elementals, Fae, Geniuses, etc.)

Tip 5: Determine the best time.

Tip 6: Determine where it will take place.

Tip 7: Put it all together. Write the entire ritual or spell with spoken words in quotation marks.

Tip 8: Memorize your ritual and words.

You will need practice. Learning basic ritual forms and basic spells is a good way to start. Have fun and make it yours. If you have questions or need anything, click on my resource box.

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