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A True Story of the cocaine Bear

cocaine Bear

Filmmaker Spike Lee’s latest movie, Cocaine Bear, may be his most politically correct and intelligent movie to date. With an all star cast that includes Robert Duvall, George Clooney, Dan Aykroyd, Sidney Poitier, Mark Linn-Baker, Diahann Carroll, and John Tutturro, Cocaine Bear is sure to be one of the most interesting films of the year. With an all original storyline, the movie is said to be based on true events which took place in Kentucky in the early 1985, just before the crack epidemic swept across the nation. The movie follows the unlikely but unlikely alliances of a former high school drop out, a crooked cop, and a CIA agent that must work together to bust a drug ring. Directed by Leecutler Cocaine Bear features an array of talented actors that include Aykroyd, Diahann Carroll, Dan Aykroyd, and John Tutturro.

When cocaine was first introduced to the world it was known as rock cocaine. This substance was so powerful that it could be smoked like cigarettes. Since this time it has been altered many times, and today it is usually manufactured using highly concentrated forms of cocaine. Because of its strength and popularity, many people were being offered cocaine on a daily basis and this led to the increased crime rate during the early hours of the morning. It is estimated that over fifteen million people in America alone have tried cocaine at some point in their lives; over half of them never experience the effects they seek, cocaine is simply too addictive to allow.

Cocaine Bear is based on the true events of a criminal named Richard Temple. A thirty four-year-old drug addict, he was arrested for the illegal distribution of cocaine and spent five years in jail. Despite the heavy swishing of his white blood cells throughout the prison system, he was never put behind bars despite the fact that his associates also received long sentences. Years later, Temple was found dead in his cell, and it was discovered that he had killed himself by hanging himself with hisitary clamps.

A True Story of the cocaine Bear

Because his death was unexpected, doctors initially ruled it as a heart attack, but when tests revealed that Temple was actually using cocaine bear to get high before his suicide attempt, the medical team were convinced that he had beenikeriding for some time before he died. After a massive search of the surrounding mountains, a number of hunters found the body of Richard Temple, along with another man and a child who were all heading for a cocaine buy. Upon further investigation, the Chief Medical Examiner, along with a team of other experts, discovered that the deceased were indeed using drugs prior to their deaths and had beenikeriding for weeks prior to their deaths. The investigation ultimately brought the case against the drug smugglers, who face long sentences. The cases against these men were eventually dropped, but the message they were sending to many young Americans using illegal drugs such as cocaine is that if you are using drugs, then you are a criminal and should expect to be arrested, and tried to jail.

However, in the true story of Richard Temple, there is a different twist to the tale. It was revealed in court that Temple was actually a 170-pound black bear that weighs more than six feet! This huge animal was brought to Knoxville by a friend of Temple’s who had purchased the bear from a breeder in India. It took about two years for Temple’s friend to prepare the animal for shipment to America, and upon arrival, the bear was living in a cage at Knoxville’s Southaven landfill.

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