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Berkeley California Real Estate

Berkeley, California, is located in Alameda County, 11
miles NE of San Francisco, California.

Berkeley is a vibrant and intellectually energetic city.
with a population of 102,743. At its center is the
World-renowned University of California at Berkeley,
home to current and future Nobel Prize winners,
several cultural and art museums, performing arts and
the Golden Bears football team. Home of ‘California
Kitchen’ – a neoclassical style of kitchen that
incorporates fresh, seasonal ingredients, a term
invented at Chez Panisse, the legendary restaurant in
North Berkeley founded by celebrity chef Alice Waters.

Houses in Berkeley

The houses in Berkeley reflect the eclectic and diverse
style of its inhabitants, from the popular Arts and Crafts
period bungalows nestled in the Berkeley hills to the newly
restored Victorian houses surrounding the university and
central areas. Designer of Hearst Castle in St.
Simeon and California’s first female architect, Julia
Morgan firmly established her roots here, and you can still
see its historic buildings, designated as
landmarks – throughout Berkeley, including the Berkeley
City Club and the Julia Morgan Theatre, a small theater
production company.

Berkeley property pool is 44,955 residential
properties including new build properties. Tea
the median age of real estate in Berkeley is 1941, with a
Average household size of 2.84 people. 8% are one
2-bedroom homes, 31% are 2-bedroom homes, 36% are 3-bedroom homes
one-bedroom homes, 18% are 4-bedroom homes and 7% are 5+-bedroom homes
dormitory houses.

Berkeley Mortgage Statistics

Homes Without Mortgage – 29%

Homes With Mortgage – 71%

First Mortgage Only – 54%

First and Second Mortgage or HELOC – 18%

Real Estate Tax in the Berkeley Area

Berkeley Property Tax: Median Property Taxes
(2000) was $3,004 compared to 1999 Median Family
income $70,434. Compare to US annual real median.
Inheritance tax $1,300 and median US household income $42,000

Berkeley School District: Berkeley has a wide range of
public and private schools that have one of the
highest test scores and dropout rates in the nation.
Among them is the only Ecole Bilingue that
specializes in a French immersion program for children
up to 14 years old. Boys make up 14.1% of Berkeley students
population and a vertiginous number of cultural events and
extracurricular programs are available to them
all year. Berkeley has 14,513 children under the age of 18
residents, or 0.27 children per worker, or 0.32 children
for a home.

Berkeley Berkeley Real Estate & Home Ownership

There are 17082.9 or 38% single-person households,
15284.7 or 34% two-person households, and 6293.7 or
14% of three-person households in Berkeley, California.
Average age of residents is 32.5, seniors (65+)
they make up 10,484 or 10.2%% of Berkeley’s population.

Great employees abound in Berkeley, including the
University of California, Bayer Corporation and
the Power Bar company, to name a few. There are 54,674
workers (ages 16 and older) in Berkeley. Of these,
52.83% drive to work. Approximately 18.58% of workers
in Berkeley take public transportation. An estimate
14.9% walk to work, taking advantage of beautiful and
much-needed civic improvements, like the new
pedestrian bridge linking Berkeley Marina and
the coast to the city. Berkeley–with its proximity
to San Francisco–and a mild climate year-round
makes it a popular place to live, work and

Average housing costs for Berkeley homeowners are 20.8%

Crime in Berkeley (2003), crimes per 10,000 residents
by year

Violent Crimes – 90.13

Robbies – 39.13

Aggravated assaults – 48.86

Crimes against property – 846.29

Thefts – 121.18

Theft-Theft – 605.1

Motor Vehicle Thefts – 120.01

Invest in Berkeley property

When making a decision about buying real estate in
Berkeley California area, you should consider the
the great ethnic diversity of the city. these stats
indicates a high level of multiculturalism and
tolerance. Events celebrated by many in the city
different ethnic communities include the now
institutional “How Berkeley Can You Be” and an annual
Native American Pow Wow.

Near Middle City –
Near Big City – San Francisco,

Berkeley Zip Codes: 94702, 94703, 94704,
94705, 94706, 94707, 94708, 94709, 94710

Berkeley Area Codes – 510

White population – 59.17%

African-American population – 13.63%

Asian – 16.39%

American and Alaskan Indians – {-}%

Hispanic (of any race) – 9.73%

Median Family Income (1999) – $70.434%

Population Below Poverty Level – 18.97%

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