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Born again: the kingdom of God!

Jesus was sent to Earth to deliver a Message to humanity. A surprising message from outer space, the third heaven, from our CREATOR GOD. A correct understanding of what REVELATION is, the one true Gospel, separates the Church of God from all others and exalts pure religion above all false ways (John 17:17).

There is only one way to enter the Kingdom of God, and that is through Christ (Acts 4:12). He is the Key that opens the Royal House of God, the Open Door to the Universe, the Door of Eternity, the Immortal Pioneer who has led the way! All other roads are dead ends and will self-destruct (John 10: 1).

GOD IS REPRODUCING HIMSELF! That is the glorious Good News that Jesus boldly proclaimed! The Gospel of the KINGDOM OF GOD announces the KINGDOM OF GOD: a Kingdom of Divine Beings born of the Spirit! A Royal Family that we can enter (Rev. 3:21). A Divine Family that will administer the Government of God in all the universe and eternity (Isa. 9: 7; Dan. 7:18).

God became man, so that man could become God (John 1:14; Matthew 10:25). Humanity has been created after the GODDESS, and after a life of conversion, of changing for the better, going through the purification process (becoming more like God, more like Christ, more like the Kingdom) we can BE BORN AGAIN THROUGH A RESURRECTION – just like Jesus, the firstborn of MANY brothers! (Romans 1: 4; 8:29). Currently, we are too human, but we will soon be transformed into a glorious and immortal Spirit! (John 10: 34-35; Ephesians 4:24). This is what Jesus said to Nicodemus, the Jewish religious leader. He didn’t beat around the bush, he went straight to the point and said, “You have to be born again” (John 3: 3).

Jesus made this bomb, seeing that Nicodemus was dumbfounded (as are many religious people today), and explained that if your parents are human flesh and blood, it is natural that you are human too. “What is born of the flesh IS flesh.” You are neither more nor less. Type after type (Genesis 1:27). And if you are born again by a GOD composed of the Spirit, it is supernatural that you become a God composed of the Spirit! “What is born of the Spirit IS Spirit” (John 3: 3-8). Human beings can become GODS! But first we must be BORN AGAIN.

Unless we are born again, by a RESURRECTION, we cannot even see or enter the Royal Family of God! The apostle Paul clearly taught the same as Jesus: “And just as we have brought the image of the earthly (flesh and blood), we will also bring the image of the heavenly (Spirit). Now this I say, brothers: FLESH AND BLOOD WE CANNOT INHERIT THE KINGDOM OF GOD … but we will all be CHANGED … raised incorruptible … and … clothed with immortality “(1 Cor. 15: 48-53). When will mortals become immortal? (Proving that we are not now!). When will we change our composition and character? “… at the last trumpet” (vs. 52) – NOT during this life, but at the coming of Christ and our resurrection (Revelation 11:15; 20: 6). How plain and simple!

Why have the vast majority of professing Christians been misled on this point? Why do they keep bleating because they have already been “born again”? Jesus said that “what is born of the Spirit IS Spirit” and Paul said that “flesh and blood cannot inherit the Kingdom of God.” Will you believe the Bible or traditional Christianity? (Mark 7: 7).

But will we really become GODS BEINGS? (1 John 3: 9). Will God be our literal FATHER? Will we assume His FAMILY NAME? (Ephesians 3:15; Revelation 22: 4). Yes! For it is REVEALED that “when He appears, we will be like Him” ​​(I John 3: 4), “who will change our vile body (flesh), so that it is made like His glorious body (Spirit), according to the work by which He is ABLE to submit all things to himself “(Phil. 3:21). Just as David and Daniel prophesied of the BRIGHT FUTURE that God has in store for us, when we will inherit His divine nature and form: “… I will see your face in righteousness: I will be satisfied when I awake (in the resurrection), in your likeness” and ” they shine … like the stars forever and ever “(Ps. 17:15; Dan. 12: 3). Again, kind after type (Galatians 4:19). What a glorious hope and vocation!

Humanity created according to the divine species, born again in the resurrection, composed of the Spirit and divine! THIS IS ALL OF GOD’S PLAN AND PURPOSE! Soon the mission will be accomplished in our lives and we will experience the “finishing touch” to our spiritual creation (Phil. 1: 6; Rev. 1: 8; Eph. 2:10). In fact, we are the Kingdom of God in embryo, the PIONEERING COMMUNITY of an advanced civilization, soon to help establish HEAVEN ON EARTH! In the meantime, let us continue to develop and reflect the HOLY AND RIGHTEOUS CHARACTER of God with joyous anticipation! (2 Peter 1: 4).

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