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Brazilian Invasion: All Signs Point South in Women’s Fashion Trends

Those ultra-smooth strands of hair and false eyelashes so popular in 2011? Resurrected ’80s minidresses and chunky platform heels? They are all products of a fashion craze that is sweeping not only the US but the world: Rio de Janeiro!

From superstar supermodels like Giselle Bunchen and Alessandra Ambrosio, to an entire Victoria’s Secret catalog devoted entirely to Brazilian-inspired swimwear, it’s clear that the American population is rapidly embracing the creative and fun-loving styles of Brazil, and there is no way to stop.

Go to any high-end beauty salon and explore their menu of services. You will most likely see the “Brazilian Blowout” listed. The curve-enhancing skinny jeans that were all the rage in 2011 and still popular in 2012? Those are also from Brazil!

Go to any health or fitness club, and chances are you’ll find a line of Brazilian workout clothes, workout classes, even workout DVDs designed to develop the infamous “Brazilian butt.” culture, as well as the surrounding parts of South America.

So when it comes down to it, Brazilian fashion is much more than just fashion. It’s an attitude, a way of embracing curves, independence and sex appeal, but in a classy and sophisticated way. Dress shirts are subtly low-cut with just a subtle hint of cleavage, and are paired with jeans and heels. Mini skirts are worn with oversized, colorful tops and cinched with a studded or leather belt.

Even at work, these types of fashions can be seen. Colorful and stylish ballerinas offer just the right amount of comfort and support, and enhance plain black pants and a sweater. They come in many styles, such as leopard prints and shiny fabrics. For cold weather, you’ll see leather or snakeskin high-heeled boots or soft suede clogs, which go great with colorful scarves and a stylish coat.

Not a fan of high heels? Maybe they hurt your feet or your back? Brazilian heels come in a variety of shapes and sizes, not just four-inch and five-inch stilettos. You can try the two-inch Brazilian peep-toe shoe, which offers the right amount of style and sex appeal, without the pain. You can combine it with a nice skirt and a colorful blouse and also with a blazer or cardigan.

For jewelry, which is to combine with this type of shoes, the key is color, and also geometric and daring shapes for gold and silver pieces. However, pair jewelry sparingly, as it’s easy to go overboard with this kind of thing, and no one wants to look like they’re wearing a Halloween costume. If you are going to wear a bold necklace, combine it with a pair of small earrings. For large earrings, skip the necklace and wear a bold bracelet or ring with it, but not both. Stick to key fashion pieces that stand out and pair them with subtle accessories, including a bag. The basic rule of thumb when it comes to accessories and current fashion: less is always more.

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