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Cashew Milk Caramel – Pastillas De Casoy

Cashew Nut Milk Caramel is a very popular sweet recipe from the Philippines. This Filipino dessert is very delicious and extremely easy to make. Although it is just like any other candy recipe, the method of preparation gives it a distinctive Filipino character. The following is a simple recipe to prepare at home:

Makes / Serves: 1 serving or 2 small cups


Condensed milk: 1 can (8 ounces = approx. 220 g)
Cashews = 1 cup
Sugar = 1 tablespoon
Lemon extract = 1 tablespoon


1) Heat the condensed milk and add nuts, almonds and sugar. Simmer the milk over low heat, while stirring, until thickened.
2) When the milk boils, add 1 tablespoon lemon extract and continue stirring until a smooth, solid dough forms.
3) Take a flat sugared board and use a rolling pin to spread the prepared mixture on it. Roll the dough onto the board into a rectangular shape, at least ½ inch high.
4) As the mixture cools slightly, cut the established dough into small pieces of the desired shape and size.
5) Wrap them in tissue paper and the delicious Indian Walnut Dulce de Leche or Filipino Casoy Pastillas are ready to serve.

Estimated cooking time required: 30 minutes

Variations on this recipe can be made to your liking. For example, adding other dried fruit such as raisins and almonds can add a different flavor and make the recipe even more delicious and nutritious. So, get started and try it at home right away.

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