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Causes of premarital sex

There is no behavior without reason. We need to examine the reasons why young Christians fall into the sins of fornication.

Note that sexual intercourse is divided into three, namely:

(a) Premarital sex (fornication)

(b) Pure sex (sacred or legal)

(c) Extramarital sexual relations (adultery)

Premarital sex is what most young people engage in before marriage, while extramarital sex is what some married people indulge in when they are not faithful to their partner. Pure, holy or legal sex is the only legitimate sex, it occurs between married couples. It is holy and wonderful, God loves it and it brings purity. What we will be talking about here is premarital sex which the Bible calls fornication. It’s not fun, it’s not making love, it’s fornication. It’s sin, I would have agreed if it’s called lust.


(1) Pressure: Pressure from parents, friends, peer group, reader, boss, future partners. Some men put physical pressure on their partners, while some women put pressure on their partners by dressing carelessly and exposing their nudity to seduce men. Some male bosses in workplaces put pressure on their female workers, they want girls who can work for them and still satisfy them sexually.

(2) Curiosity: Many young people have engaged in premarital sex as a result of curiosity. They thought they were looking for reality, but they ended up destroying themselves. They are not satisfied with what their Christian parents, pastors and friends told them about sex, they want to experience it themselves.

(3) Electronic media: Television, movies, radio, and video have all contributed to the high rate of premarital sex. What young people see on the screen determines their behavior and character. All products advertised on television only promote sex. In fact, to advertise food they use sex, movies, television and radio promote premarital sex. Most of the home videos are promoting sex.

(4) Books and Magazines: Some satanic authors are in town destroying the youth, they write some sexual stories, books and magazines, they take many pictures that stimulate the youth to think about sex always. Having read all these books, the youngsters get restless until they put into practice what they learned in the books and magazines.

(5) Environmental influence: We live in a corrupt society where people don’t see anything wrong with wickedness, they don’t see premarital sex as sin; They see it as normal. Therefore, girls are encouraged to dress while revealing their bodies. Premarital sex has become the norm in society. Some young Christians find it difficult to function in this type of environment; therefore, they fall into this ungodly act.

(6) Greed: Greed for money, wealth and position is another cause of premarital sex. Some women want money at all costs, so they are ready to use their bodies to get it by sleeping with men.

(7) Indiscipline: Lack of discipline has landed many singles in the dungeon of premarital sex.

(8) Wrong association: This has led many young people to destruction. Show me your friends and I’ll tell you who you are.

(9) Ignorance: The lack of a good sex education has led many young people to premarital sex, some did it without knowing what they were doing.

(10) Wrong information: Since parents have refused to educate their children on the subject and the church offers nothing meaningful, young people have resorted to whatever information they can get from anywhere, whether wrong or right.

(11) Bad parenting: Children who are not well educated are likely to fall into the wrong hands.

(12) Idleness: An idle hand is the devil’s workshop. If you are idle, you can hug the devil.

(13) Loneliness: Some claim that they entered into fornication because of loneliness.

(14) Broken homes: Children from broken homes can fall into the wrong hands due to the situation of their homes.

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