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Comedy Movies in Hollywood

Comedy movies have a long history in Hollywood. Back in 1900, a movie was shown in which people laugh at the continuous sneezing of a man. Aptly named Record of Sneeze, the film is credited with starting a trend that has only grown stronger and is now firmly ingrained. It was during the era of silent movies that most of the classic comedy movies were made. Since actors could make audiences laugh with the help of dialogue with their funny acts, it soon caught people’s attention and more comedy films were made before 1930.

Charlie Chaplin is said to be the best comedian to date due to his uncanny ability to make people laugh with his hilarious gestures in the movies, which were silent. Without a doubt, most of the best Hollywood comedies are Charlie Chaplin movies. With the transition from silent movies to movies with sounds and dialogue, comedy dominated and many of the best comedies that are still considered classics were made. Comedy is a genre that is considered a formula for success at the box office, as people want to see movies that can relieve all of life’s stresses.

Feeling that comedy is an aspect that is necessary to have mass appeal, many top-notch actors, who had a serious image, tried their hands in comedy and were highly appreciated by the public. Hollywood is blessed in the sense that there have always been great comedians like Dudley Moore, Tom Hanks, Eddie Murphy, and the late Jim Carey.

Comedy Proposal is a film made by Anne Fletcher starring Sandra Bullock, Ryan Reynolds, and Mary Steenburgen. In the genre of comedy and romance, the comedy The Proposal portrays the story of a young man who is forced by his boss to marry him to avoid deportation to Canada.

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