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Energy Renovation For Your Home – What To Do When Feng Shui Fails

Does your home feel like a harmonious sanctuary? Do you feel relaxed at home? This is what your home has the potential to offer you. If your home doesn’t feel relaxed, you may think that the obvious contributing factors are things like clutter, decor that’s contrary to your personal tastes, or that the home is in various stages of disrepair. Often this is not the case. If you’ve tried to change the overall look of your home, but still haven’t got the result you wanted, there may be more to the energy field than you were aware of.

vibrational residue

The emotions of the builder and/or previous residents are recorded in the building materials. Like the vibration of music that was recorded on vinyl LPs, people’s emotions expressed in daily events are also recorded on solid matter such as building materials, furniture, and books. Some people are more sensitive to these vibrations than others. If you are sensitive, these emotional residues can be a source of persistent distress for you.

Traumatic events that occurred at any time can also have a significant influence on the energy of space. If there has been a death, robbery, violence or trauma of any kind, the energy of the space will definitely include these vibrations until they are intentionally removed.

Ways to remove emotional residue

Traditional shamanic practice uses burning sage to cleanse the energy of a space. You can find salvia at Whole Foods or most metaphysical bookstores. Use a small container or shell to catch the coals. When you light the sage, let the flame burn for a few seconds, then gently blow it out. The leaves will continue to glow red and release smoke. As you walk through the area, shake the sage along the walls and in the corners. Try to clear and release emotional residue and generate a loving and relaxing energy. Coming from the heart, say whatever healing or protection prayer feels most appropriate. The most important part of the process is the intention. You can keep opening a window to let fresh air circulate everywhere.

You can also use a combination of Epsom salts and 90% isopropyl alcohol. Pour the salt into a flat-bottomed fireproof container at least 8″x8″ and about ½ inch deep. Use enough alcohol to moisten the salt. Bail! The container will get hot. Keep hair and clothing out of the way. Be sure to place the container on a heat-resistant surface like a stove and away from all flammable materials.. Set fire to salt or alcohol. Let the flame continue to burn until it goes out on its own. As the fire burns, visualize intense purifying white/violet light shooting out in all directions. Repeat the process as necessary.

It may be necessary to hire an intuitive professional who can identify the event and the vibration to eliminate it. Other power interference may include the following:

  • Subterranean elements include rocks, mineral mines, rivers, lakes, and emotional residue from historical events such as plagues, natural disasters, or cemeteries.
  • Vortexes of energy at ground level or in the air, whether outside or inside your home, very often create energy imbalances.
  • Neighboring structural power lines or those in your own home can project laser-like energy that disturbs your peace. In the city or within suburban subdivisions where houses are located in close proximity to each other, line influences can be a problem.
  • Power lines or transformers have a very strong resonance. It has been documented to influence human health.
  • Traffic movement adjacent to the property can have a significant impact, particularly when traffic is directed onto the property.
  • Energy portals are access points accessible from multiple dimensions. They are commonly used for interdimensional travel by beings from other realms or by humans who have the ability to perform mental/astral travel.
  • Spirits (non-physical beings) in other dimensions can co-occupy the same space with us. Depending on the types of beings, some may seem hostile if treated harshly, while others are actually beneficial to our well-being.

These are influences that traditional Feng Shui practices will not be able to resolve. It is very important to consult an experienced and insightful energy renovation professional for effective solutions. Doing so can bring peace and tranquility to your life, while putting a smile on your face!

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