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Enjoy shrimp as a fat burning food

Shrimp is one of the most popular seafood that actually serves to increase the body’s ability to burn stored fat. High in protein, generally low in calories, and additional vitamins and minerals, this seafood is a healthy option for a balanced, fat-burning diet.

The Fat Burning Benefits of Seafood

Although many seafood come in small packages, these varieties of foods have incredible fat-burning benefits. Shrimp, especially, is very low in fat, while also providing consumers with incredible amounts of protein.

By consuming foods low in fat and high in protein, the body can maintain its blood sugar levels more effectively, as the body digests protein very slowly. As protein-rich foods are slowly absorbed, the body stably releases blood sugar to aid in the digestion process. When these sugar levels are stable, energy levels, cravings, and hunger are also simultaneously controlled and stabilized. While all of these various physical elements are maintained, the body can burn stored fat in order to provide essential energy to perform its physical tasks.

In contrast, when a food is low in protein, the body releases a spike in blood sugar, causing an energy surge, which is inevitably followed by an energy crash. This inevitable collapse of energy results in the body’s sudden urge and desire for sugary foods and snacks to experience an energy surge again. By abstaining from this negative cycle, the body is better able to burn stored fat for energy, rather than deriving energy from harmful and fattening food sources. Shrimp, as they are high in protein and low in fat, allow dieters to benefit from the more positive fat burning cycle of stabilized blood sugar, hunger control, and fitness maintenance.

Also, when deciding on lunch or dinner, dieters who substitute shrimp for other protein sources have been shown to burn more fat by consuming fewer calories. Compared to many beef or even lean chicken meals, a serving of shrimp contains fewer calories, allowing dieters to feel full without packing on extra calories. By consuming too many calories, the body basically responds by converting the calories into fat. Because dieters use this seafood as a healthy, low-calorie replacement for other meat- or protein-based ingredients, dieters can enjoy tasty meals while continuously burning fat and losing weight.

Fat burning benefits vs. Cholesterol concerns

While seafood certainly stimulates the body’s fat burning [http://www.bestfatburningfood.com] processes, many dieters abstain from this incredible food source due to its cholesterol content. According to research, approximately 200 mg of cholesterol can be found in just 3.5 ounces of shrimp. While this data is relatively high, the benefits may outweigh the potentially negative cholesterol content.

According to a clinical study, human candidates who consumed approximately 300 grams of shrimp per day actually revealed an increase in harmful cholesterol by 7%; however, these same candidates also revealed a 12% increase in beneficial cholesterol levels.

Cholesterol is essentially divided into a good group and a bad group. The good group is called “HDL”, while the bad group is called “LDL.” While dieters should strive to maintain low LDL levels, high HDL levels are actually healthy and good for the body. According to the Shrimp Clinical Study, the increase in beneficial HDL cholesterol may outweigh the potentially harmful increase in LDL cholesterol.

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