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Gas water heater problems

Gas water heaters are normally reliable, but over time they can start to develop problems. Due to their lower cost of use, they are a smarter option than using an electric water heater. There are many different reasons why they don’t work. An owner can fix the problems and fix them; Sometimes it is best if you hire gas water heater services and have a professional fix them as they are better suited for the job. Many times, if there is a problem, replacing the faulty component will be the solution, but not always. Make sure not to ignore any of the signs of unusual operation of your gas water heater. If the smaller problems are not fixed, the problem could become more serious and result in the purchase of a new one.

If the water heater does not heat the water, it could be due to a thermostat malfunction. In the gas water heater, the thermostat is a thermoelectric device called a thermocouple. It is made up of a strip of two metals that controls the temperature of the pilot burner flame. If the temperature is not sufficient to ignite the pilot burner, the gas supply will be cut off. If there is a faulty thermocouple, it could cause the remaining gas supply to shut off even if the water heater is in good condition. If it’s not the thermostat, the next thing to check is the pilot burner. The flame coming from the pilot burner is directed to the thermocouple. This will allow you to measure the temperature of the flame and if there is not enough heat coming from the pilot burner, it could cause the thermostat to keep the gas supply off.

This is something the landlord can fix instead of calling a maintenance crew to fix it. If the thermostat and pilot burner are not positioned so that the flame reaches the thermostat with the proper intensity, you can reposition the assembly to make sure this happens. You should also make sure that both are free of dirt and sediment. You may need to replace one or both of the components if neither of them is working properly. If you are not sure what is causing the water to be lukewarm, you may need to call in a professional to resolve the issue. If your gas water heater produces rust-colored water, it could be corrosion inside the tank due to electrochemical reactions. It could also indicate that the anode heating rod will need to be replaced.

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