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I can’t stop thinking about him

I used to think, like in Disney and Hollywood movies, that I would be standing at a table and staring into the air; and a man approached me with a smile that could capture the heart of any woman, a smile that shows some enigmatic features and would say the right words looking intently into my eyes. A moment that would take me to the stars and I would never want to return. I have also thought of a case where I would be walking down the road and my books would fall off and as I try to pick it up a young, tall, handsome boy would come up to me and offer to help me and who knows, maybe. my soul mate.

Since elementary school we have thought that as women we should not fall in love with any boy who crosses our path until we are mature enough to get married. We grew up with that mindset until we realized the reality of life, as we faced the real world. Most of the things we imagined weren’t what we saw there. Usually we have it all planned so that we don’t fool ourselves, our self-defense reactions when he comes with that “smile” and “look”; the words we respond to when he says “I like you baby, you’re so pretty and sexy.”

But at the end of the day, it is not what we plan that happens. With all the lessons and training that our parents and teachers gave us from young years, we still let our guard down when he comes. Oh my world, it says all the right words, it has all the answers to every question you ask. It is so vast and knowledgeable. As it does? And as if that wasn’t enough, her appearance is so tempting. He’s so tall, so handsome, so muscular, he’s 6 packs, he’s well dressed, he’s wearing that long-sleeved shirt with the perfect color to match the well-pressed long pants; or a polo that fits the body with a good pair of jeans and sneakers to go with it. A nice haircut; carved to the style, mature eyes and beautiful white teeth that illuminate his smile. And you wonder, “Am I in heaven? Could this be the man for me? Oh my world, he’s such a neat and successful young gentleman; look at his vehicle, a Toyota High-Lander. Oh my God, What’s happening to me? Am I already falling in love? How am I sure this is not fate? Could fate have brought us together? Could this be a sign from God? “

You have tried so many times to fight those feelings for fear of deception. You begin to appreciate and remember everything that mom and teacher thought of you; what the pastor and the school counselor thought of you. But they never seem to be helpful. No matter how much you say to yourself “I don’t want to fall in love with him”, it has unconsciously been registered in your mind and you can’t seem to get it out. He’s trapped up there. At that point, you now have to rely on your head instead of your heart to think clearly, because your heart is confused. A logical thought would come into play and not an emotional one. You wonder, “Why exactly do I like him? Well, if you can sit down, put your emotions aside and think about it carefully, looking beyond what was agitating you and digging deep, you might find the answer. Everyone has what they hope for.” . See someone they want to spend a lot of time together with, and they all come in different dimensions and levels, some are hidden, you have to get it out, while others are pretty obvious.

God is love and he is the maker of love. Go to Him and He will give you the manual on how to walk in love. Don’t be swayed by their understanding and feelings. It is very difficult to make a decision, especially when you have seen in him all the qualities that you always wanted. But God, who made them all, male and female, made the right man for you. Talk to Him and He will direct your way to make the right decision.

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