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Labrador Retriever Dog Breed Height, Weight, Color, History and Description

Description: Here we see two types of Labrador. The American Labrador and the English Labrador, both with different blood. With the English Lab they are heavier, thicker and more robust than what we see in the American Lab, which is taller and thinner. In both there is a double layer, this is smooth and does not have waves. This is a waterproof coat.

Labrador colors come in solid black, yellow, or chocolate. This breed has a broad head. Its teeth meet in a scissor or level bite, we see a wide muzzle. With medium-sized eyes that are dark brown, or yellow and black, or yellow dogs, with hazel or brown in chocolate-colored dogs. His ears are dangling and hanging down. This breed has an otter tail that hangs down well and is thick at the base tapering all the way.

This breed has webbed feet, which aid in swimming, which is something the Labrador Retriever loves to do. They seem to be able to sniff out the smallest drop of water and get into it. Their height is 22 to 24 inches in dogs and 21 to 23 inches in female dogs. The weight is 60 to 75 pounds for the dog and 55 to 70 for the bitch. They have a slightly longer body compared to the tail. Their life expectancy is 10 to 12 years.

History: The Labrador Retriever is one of the main breeds seen in America today. This dog worked with the fishermen of Newfoundland. Its function was to catch fish that had jumped over the nets, when they were thrown. This breed was later shipped to England in 1800 on ships that had come from Labrador. This breed was then crossed with Setters, Spaniels, and other retriever dogs for the best of all breeds.

As a result, today we see the Labrador Retriever. It was called St. Johns Dogs in its history. Today, we see this dog working in search and rescue, narcotics, and other police work. They also excel at agility, field testing, hunting, tracking, and are a great companion.

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