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Mobile App Development Optimization Mistakes to Avoid

Developing and launching a mobile application is a very difficult task. Yes, finally launching an app is an instant celebration, but be careful.

However, when you launch an app, you have more work to do. To let go of all the dormancy of your awesome idea, you need to get your new app out to the audience by effectively marketing your app. There are a number of techniques used by mobile app development companies to market their apps on the Play Store; they have a lot of struggle and things to deal with. Always keep in mind as an app development company or reseller; You need to avoid these mistakes to have a booming mobile app marketing approach.

Always start advertising your app after its launch

Mobile app launch is an imperative moment for developers and marketers alike. If users know about it in advance and wait for the release, they will download it without delay as soon as it is available in the app store. Initial downloads, in a twist, will help you attract more users to the app store and improve your app store ranking early on.

Not doing app store optimization

In case you want users to find your app easily, App Store Optimization is the right solution. Since ranking in search results largely depends on your download numbers, your main goal should be to boost your apps in the app stores. Therefore, the better your ranking in search results will be; visitors will most likely download your app.

Not having a unique icon

To make a different place in the crowd, you need a unique icon for your app. For more information, you should read the Apple App Store and Google Play Store guidelines for app icons.

Do not analyze the results

This is one of the crucial steps that every user must take into account. However, analyzing and tracking your application’s key performance indicators (KPIs) is very important to have confidence in what you’re doing. You should regularly test a variety of ways to improve your app page on the app store and convert visitors into users.

Ignore external traffic and promotion

This is a very popular app store optimization bug. Companies completely ignore external traffic and promotion. If you want your app to be trendy, you should never ignore outside traffic and promotion. It is quite undemanding. So, try to find new ways to drive traffic to your mobile app, be it the Apple store or the Google Play store.


To wrap up this section, let’s make one thing clear: there are only a few minor differences between thriving apps and those that don’t. As there is no overall winning formula for app marketing. If you don’t want to screw up your development efforts, just check and recognize every mobile app marketing pitfall that is dragging the app in the wrong direction.

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