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Nintendo Wii Console – Black

The colored Wii consoles could be the next wave of changes that Nintendo announces in its Christmas preparation this year. A white PS3 Slim is rumored to go into production shortly as well. Nintendo already offers a color gamut for the DS Lite console, which came about after having only two colors initially before Nintendo added nearly one of each color.

The spec will likely remain the same, albeit with different Wii firmware and software that would be in the system update for general release anyway. The exciting addition to the Nintendo Wii since 2006 is the new Wii Motion Plus Wii mote accessory that provides more realistic motion detection in new Wii games. Depending on the sport, the Wii remote can be used for a variety of purposes, from swinging a golf club to driving a go-kart. The Nunchuk controller is used much less in games, but it always connects to the Wii nickname.

What else could happen? Well, the new Wii Sports Resort game is unlikely to replace the original Wii Sports game. Despite criticism from Wii Sports Resort, the game is likely to be one of the biggest titles Nintendo released in 2009. Konami’s Sports Island closed the gap for Wii gamers who yearned for more sports games on Wii. After all, the Nintendo Wii console and sports are now synonymous. An achievement your rivals would be proud of. If we head to Sports Island for a minute, of the 10 sports on offer, only 50% are good. Sports only stand out when played against people, the Wii as an opponent requires more effort. Of these, archery is similar to Mario and Sonic at the Olympics with much simpler controls. In general, many of the sports use simple controls compared to sports Sims. Tiger Woods 2010 is the perfect example of difficult but highly specialized controls. Oh, not forgetting that Tiger Woods 2010 is one of the few games compatible with the Nintendo Wii Motion Plus.

A black Nintendo Wii console wouldn’t be complete without a matching black Wii nickname and a black Nunchuk; Somehow I doubt the console is viable without providing matching black accessories.

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