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Psychic Perspectives and Astrology for Summer 2009

Update: July 7 begins the summer eclipse season with a full moon lunar eclipse in Capricorn, ending with the full moon lunar eclipse in Aquarius. People are discovering how to “get out there”, how to reach out and connect with the world. And they surprise themselves with the way they do it, because it’s in new ways. In general, people are using new media and overcoming huge gaps to get to a new place.

This eclipse season is a wonderful opportunity to jump high and get away from many things that are also falling apart. All spirits born now are here to try to jump like a salmon upriver. Just lighten your load and you can – being discriminating and focused is the secret to making this season’s fiery, combustible energy work for you.

The energy this summer is volatile, intense, and highly creative. Expect things you put your energy into taking off – everyone can jump higher in the fiery, light energy of the summer of 2009. No one will tolerate an oppressive tactic right now, so whether you are being hard on yourself, or society is being tough on its people, such regimes will collapse under their own weight.

Summer 2009:The most likely time to change for the better! And that’s all you need to know about the upcoming eclipse season, with the longest solar eclipse of the 21st century on July 22. At some point, you’ll soon have a heart-to-heart conversation with yourself, clarify your priorities, and, fueled by the fastest cosmic kick to the butt of this entire century, you’ll have an unbeatable opportunity to let go of what’s clouding you and burn yourself out. as nature intended.

Important signs in the sky: Uranus Retrograde July 1 – Here’s what to expect: Suddenly, you know what you really want for yourself, and realizing that this is the time to connect with it, you make a sudden turn to veer back in the direction of your own heart. People can make drastic changes now, going from being externally driven to internally guided.

Summer magic spell:Who, especially, is going to say this summer that “life is full of magic”? Those who fall in love and the people who fall in love now will have put a lot of work and / or thought into the subject of relationships. The other astonished group will be those who have worked hard and refined at what they are very good at, as they have opportunities, if they are prepared, that can magically change their lives.

Personal messages for astrological signs

Fire (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius):Commitments or business require action, follow-through, and self-discipline; just do it, it’s worth it! You will find smart ways to expand into new markets and new places. Suppose that what you are involved in commercially and creatively can grow now, hope to find out how, and then commit to acting on what you know now. Bingo! You are a bigger success than ever.

Water (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces):While you are in a new environment, a place out of context such as on vacation, you have many important ideas. It’s time for the reveal! Where you are going and what you want is being considered again inside your head. You manifest the changes catalyzed by what happens to you now in about nine months.

Air (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius): You don’t know all the facts, but you’re starting something and getting information and feedback on it over the summer. He looks positive, there is interest in him, he has legs, he is timely. This new beginning takes more solid form in September. Expect a lot of communication, travel, and round trips. Wait and also ask for feedback on whatever it is you’re starting.

Earth (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn): Something is changing in your material circumstances. A new arrangement is on the horizon: either you are moving, or coming and going, or spending the summer settling in and getting used to your new situation. It’s stop and start, but you’re basically getting what you want and deserve.

Aries: His concern at first is whether things will keep growing and working … whatever happens, he seems to be adapting successfully. Some of you may be surprised how your life is changing … there is a courage in you and you are considering really different directions. However, you can’t think too much ahead, as you could get in your own way by trying to find out too much too soon. Let the experience of new circumstances tell you what to do. This summer brings happiness, although it is hard to believe at first.

Taurus: Her life has recently improved and that trend will continue into the summer. Business is improving, you are more comfortable, and relative to spring you are on much higher ground. A secret to your success is that the direction you are going now, the decisions you have made, are much more true and suitable for you. They do set you up for more changes though – you can handle it, you’re doing great!

Gemini: Your recent creative or professional job attracts new opportunities. More people notice you. Something you do has quite a wide appeal and interest is growing. Expect the action around your efforts to pick up in August … in short, there is a positive cumulative effect of everything you’ve done that comes up this summer, so keep up the good work.

Cancer: This summer you set things up to improve financially. The world continues to invite you to places in your official capacity, and higher powers urge you to view yourself in the most favorable light possible, as you correctly feel that you could be more successful than ever. Courage is required for success – you need to take a leap of faith to get something out or move in a new direction.

Lion: In a significant way, the “you” that you have known is definitely over. What takes its place, and may seem to come to the rescue, is a superior version of yourself, and you go through a process of integration until September. Pay no attention to the ups and downs of this transitional period, things will go better than good and you will know true love, not necessarily with another person, but between you and your divine self. You will feel more lonely or lonely than usual as this new strength develops. Self-control, here you come!

Virgo: Either you really take a trip, or this is when you feel like you really get going in your life. Let yourself be guided by new influences and a healthy desire to reach out and connect. There is love and satisfaction awaiting those who let go of their apprehension and go with the flow. Excitement awaits you if you go outdoors! The path is clearer now too: it is easier to make plans and know what you are looking for in life.

Libra: By September, things will be very different for you. You have overcome many fears or doubts about yourself, and your plans are bigger and bolder. There seem to be a lot of practical decisions to make. What are you going to do with the knowledge you have now, where do you belong and what is there to do at home? Other key issues are safety in general and your personal relationships in particular … there is a lot going on before you move on in the direction you decide to go.

Scorpion: You now understand or are discovering how to successfully carry out a plan that means a very big change in your life. You feel much safer, more comfortable, or better taking off in this new direction, and its details are clearer in August. What you find out for yourself brings you peace.

Sagittarius: You are restless this summer, between connections and you are not sure where things are taking you. A more positive twist on this from time to time is that you are on a very different adventure than you have been before. You may not find a place to emotionally land for a while, but bear the discomfort of not knowing, as a satisfying situation is beyond the horizon. You just need to arrive and, to do so, follow your interests!

Capricorn: You get the go-ahead you’ve been waiting for; you are definitely moving in the direction you have desired. The force is with you! You will have the opportunity to take on a position or role in life that you know is right. You will be very happy with what comes your way and what you create for yourself this summer.

Aquarium: It sounds like you’ve hit the jackpot with love, or maybe you’re going on a fabulous vacation or have a chance to do whatever you want creatively to do. Summer is like a dessert, very rich and satisfying. However, it seems that your creative self is in tune with the practical and that having fun somehow leads to making money or financial stability.

Pisces:Pisces gets help because money is coming in, even though things seem slow at first. Don’t push if expansion seems difficult, wait until you have more support. Their participation in associations and the need to create an overall balance, perhaps adjusting to new economic circumstances or dieting in other ways, has its moments of dissatisfaction, but it seems that the benefits of association and a life in balance outweigh the drawbacks.

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