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Seven Advantages of Air Tools and Why They Are Favored in the Industry

There are many advantages to using pneumatic tools, also known as pneumatic tools, in manufacturing environments. Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why pneumatic tools are so popular.

Cost. They have fewer moving parts. Fewer parts means lower cost. Typically, you can also buy a pneumatic tool more powerful than a power tool for the same price. And with fewer moving parts, they will typically last longer. This longer life saves money on replacement costs.

Sustainable. Pneumatic tools are typically made of steel and aluminum, unlike the plastic in many power tools. Given their industrial environment, they are actually designed to be very tough. They also have very few moving parts to wear out. Using real metal and having fewer parts results in lower repair costs. Many times when one fails, you just need a few new parts that cost next to nothing to buy, and can be installed by any maintenance employee.

Can. They have an adjustable power range. Compare a single speed drill with a pneumatic drill. The single speed electric drill is on or off. Most pneumatic drills are variable speed, but even a single speed pneumatic drill can be throttled by simply adjusting the air valve to slightly restrict air flow.
And while a 3-6 HP power tool would require 240 volts, a 3-6 HP air motor could run on a compressor that uses 120 volts AC. This savings alone makes pneumatics worth using in an industrial environment.

Easier for operators. Pneumatic tools are significantly lighter than their electric cousins. Electric motors have steel shafts with iron fields and copper windings. All the weight of these elements accumulates quickly.

Simplicity. They have a steel shaft attached to a disc at one end. The other end of the shaft is connected to your chuck, or whatever. This disc has grooves cut around its perimeter. These grooves contain moving veins. These veins have springs behind them to keep them tight against the walls of the chamber that surrounds the disc. Air enters the chamber and pushes one of the veins. This rotates the disc and shaft, so that the next vein is then pressed. This happens over and over again, at a very rapid rate. This is how a basic air motor works.

Easier to use. Pneumatic tools can easily be used in areas where there is no electricity. By using a portable air compressor, pneumatic tools can be used anywhere. While it is possible to use power tools with a generator, the cost of running any large tool with a generator would be prohibitive due to extreme power demands. For example, for about $ 400, you can buy a portable compressor that is powered by a 3 HP pneumatic tool. That same $ 300 wouldn’t even touch the generator needed to run a 3 HP power tool. That same air compressor would run multiple tools, while even a more expensive generator would be seriously limited in how many power tools it would run. This is a great advantage in rural settings and large construction areas.

Safety. You can use pneumatic tools safely in a humid environment. Imagine for some reason that you were in a flooded basement, trying to drill a frozen drain. It would be difficult to find someone foolish enough to climb into a basement flooded with a hot electrical wire.

Do your own research. You will see that pneumatic tools cost less, you can use them in humid environments, they last a long time, and even if they break, they are very easy to rebuild. There are good reasons why they are used in manufacturing plants around the world.

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