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Should You Buy Hermit Crabs Online?

We live in an age of convenience and instant gratification where anything we’re looking to buy, no matter how specialized, is available with just a few clicks of the mouse. There are pets available for sale online, including the typical domestic varieties like dogs and cats, with some more exotic options like birds, reptiles and even hermit crabs. Yes, you have the opportunity to buy hermit crabs online, but this is really a good idea and what should we keep in mind when making such a purchase?

When you finally order and receive your new hermit crab, you’ll want to make sure it’s as healthy as possible, as it’s likely been under a lot of stress on its journey home. It is important to give them a chance to acclimate to their new home and feel comfortable again.

On websites that sell these exotic creatures online, it’s a good idea to check their policy pages for warranty and past treatment of the animals for the best buy. Check against mites or other types of infections. Also find out what kind of guarantee the store has against deceased pets that do eventually arrive, as many times the journey in the mail can harm the crab and you may not make it. You will want to do business with a company that supports your pets and will replace, if necessary, the deceased pet. Also make sure you are doing business with a reputable company that keeps your privacy and financial information safe.

When you shop for hermit crabs online, you’ll also have the opportunity to purchase some necessary accessories to ensure a long-term happy and healthy pet. First, be sure to choose a habitat that can be a terrarium, an aquarium, or a hamster cage made of glass. These little guys are sneaky and like to crawl out of their cage if they can get away with it, so glass is definitely your best option.

Oftentimes, shopping at your local pet store can give you better health management, as you can look at the crabs in the cage and also ask the employees for information about where they came from and the treatment and health of each one. You’ll also have a chance to inspect them for issues like lethargy and mites and see the condition of the cage. Maybe you can even pick up a crab brother or two to keep everyone happy. Lastly, you have the opportunity to control your journey to your home and not to the local postman. Lastly, you don’t have to worry about being home to receive them and overheating them on your doorstep.

Buying hermit crabs online can be a convenient way to go, especially with the deals available, but you may just want to drive to your local pet store to buy them. You have more control and success in ensuring a long-term happy and healthy pet.

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