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The Lazy Flush – The Blue Goo Story – A simple solution to an irritating problem

We expect a toilet to clean itself just by pushing the handle, but that’s not always the case. Too often, debris and paper just float lazily on top of the water. There are a number of possibilities that will prevent a toilet from flushing the first time; One of the causes is the use of deposit cleaning tablets. The problem is very aggravating, but the solution is simple. So simple that many people just can’t believe it will work until they see it first hand.

It was a professional plumber in Florida who first brought to my attention lazy flushing problems caused by cleaning tablets being placed in the tank. If a drop-in-tank tablet is placed right in the tank, the water will hit it hard enough to over-saturate the tablet. When this happens, the water becomes “thick and heavy.” The trap in the toilet was designed to have clear water running over it at a calculated speed. Some of the tablets make the water thick enough to slow down the speed of the water rushing over the trap, causing the siphoning action to never fully develop. The formulations of the different tablets differ widely between manufacturers; some dissolve quickly and produce more gel than others.

The problem is worse with 1.6 gal toilets because there is much less water than older toilets. But judging from the dozens of emails I’ve received, this isn’t just an issue for the newer 1.6 gal toilets. Quite a few people have sent emails saying that their plumber stated that their toilet needed to be replaced because it was old and worn out. After reading Blue Goo’s story, they were able to rescue their toilet by simply removing the colored tablets from the tank and flushing a few times to remove the residue.

So if you’re suffering from a lazy flush where you’re flushing the toilet two or three times to clean the toilet bowl, be sure to remove the tablet from the tank (regardless of its color) before calling a plumber for help. . After removing the tablet, you may need to flush the toilet five or six times to restore normal flushing.

Be very careful with the tank lid when you open the tank; It’s heavy. Place it on a soft surface where it cannot tip over. Once cracked or broken, it cannot be fixed.

There are alternatives to cleaning tablets that are placed in the tank. Look for products that are not submerged in the tank water.

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