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The Two Key Issues in Renting Student Accommodation in Nottingham

Renting Student Accommodation in Nottingham

The two key issues in renting Nottingham student accommodation are knowing the different types of housing available and how much to budget. The type of housing you choose is largely up to you and will depend on how private you like your living arrangements and whether or not you wish to share with other students. The price of your apartment will also influence how much you spend each month, with the more central the city centre, the higher the rental costs.

There are a lot of different types of student housing in Nottingham and you’ll be able to find a place that’s right for you with the help of our search engine and comparator, Erasmus Play. You can view offers of both purpose built Nottingham student accommodation and shared student houses. Some of the student rooms in Nottingham can be rented for shorter tenancy lengths than others, so it’s important to check this when looking at offers on Erasmus Play.

Student flats in Nottingham are usually arranged in groups of four or five people, with each person renting a room within the house. This allows you to save money on the rent and still live close to your friends in Nottingham. You can also opt for larger flats for just one or two people. This is often an excellent option if you’re studying at the University of Nottingham or the Queen’s Medical Centre.

The Two Key Issues in Renting Student Accommodation in Nottingham

Most of the student flats in Nottingham are situated in the city centre, allowing you to easily get to your lectures from wherever you’re staying. These are a great choice for those who want to live in the heart of the action and have easy access to all the bars, restaurants and clubs the city has to offer.

Inclusive student accommodation extends beyond physical accessibility to accommodate different learning styles. Recognizing that students have diverse learning needs and preferences, accommodations are creating spaces that cater to various study and learning styles. This may involve providing quiet study areas, collaborative spaces for group work, or technology-enabled rooms for multimedia projects.

Other popular student areas include Lenton, which is a hotspot for students at the University of Nottingham. The area is located between the Jubilee and University Park campuses and is surrounded by plenty of bars, cafes and restaurants to keep you well fed. It’s also a short bus ride to the city centre and home to many of the larger student complexes, including Deakins Place, Raleigh Park and Nottingham Two.

The city centre is also known for its huge selection of charity shops, which means you can probably pick up some second-hand treasures if you’re shopping in the area. You’ll find a wide range of music venues, too, so you can catch a live gig at Rock City or dance the night away at Stealth. And if you’re a fan of Robin Hood, you can always visit Sherwood Forest, the real-life setting for the legendary stories.

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