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Top 8 Last Minute Summer Vacation Ideas

It’s August and you think it’s too late to plan a summer vacation. Well, you better think again because there are great last minute ideas for having a great summer vacation. Read on for our top 10 last minute ideas for a great summer vacation.

1.Washington DC

Why is it good for summer vacations? It’s because you don’t need to break a bank for a memorable experience because most of the monuments and museums in the area are free.

2. New Smyrna, Florida

This is ideal for summer vacations due to its affordable yet relaxing beach retreat. You will have no problem reserving a room no matter how late you are in your reservation because most of the tourists are in Daytona Beach.

3. Long Beach, New York

Are you a New Yorker looking to escape the heat? If so, then there is no need to look any further because with a rented tent or RV, you can be within easy reach of the park, pool, and beautiful beach.

4. Skidaway State Park, Savannah, GA

At about $30 a night, there’s no reason this campground couldn’t be more crowded. With beautiful scenery and miles of hiking and biking trails to explore, you won’t miss a spot here for a great summer vacation.

5. Navarre Beach, Florida

This laid-back resort town may have suffered the bad luck of the Gulf Coast a few years ago. But it has not lost its appeal to the masses. This just means you can always grab a condo or hotel on the beach and enjoy the cool breeze off the water.

6. Seattle, Washington

It’s the height of daylight saving time in Seattle and more than ever, August is the best time to visit this area to bask in and take in the lush greenery. Spend your summer vacation there and you will understand how the Emerald City got its name.

7. Portola, Calif.

Do you like rowing boats? Well, August is the best time to do it now that there is hardly any snow in Portola, CA. You can even enjoy the beautiful views without renting skis, but it’s even better if you rent a 4×4.

8. Apple River, Wisconsin

An ocean vacation may not be something you look forward to in Apple River, but you can still enjoy the water in the city’s namesake river. It’s such a cheap getaway that it can be arranged with a stop at the nearest supermarket for marshmallows and hot dogs.

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