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What You Can Expect To Learn At An Online Bartender School

Online bartending schools are a convenient solution for someone who would like to learn the art of bartending but cannot afford the time or fees necessary to learn this exciting skill. Are you worried that the bartender needs a more hands-on approach to teaching? That’s a thing for the past. Online bartending schools are becoming more and more innovative and their courses include audio and video instructions with color photos, recipes, and lots of tips and tricks. Hover over Tom Cruise.

All course material sent to you includes embedded color video, audio, and photos. For each drink included in the course, you get a complete color photo with the type of glassware to be used and the garnish. This is important as it helps you become familiar with the appearance of the drink. This is accompanied by a step-by-step photo sequence of how to make the drink, as well as an audio from the instructor giving you helpful tips, tricks, and summaries. Most bartending courses also include a video demonstration of how to prepare the drink.

At the end of each lesson there is a self-assessment questionnaire that gives you your score after you answer it and also provides the correct answers. You have the option to retake all the tests as many times as necessary until you are satisfied that you finally got it! However, the crucial test is the final test. It is similar to a final exam. It is only after passing the final exam that you can unlock your certificate and then you can call yourself a professional bartender.

For those who want to take a bartending course just to look like Tom Cruise in ‘Cocktail’, there is good news! Many online courses include extra video lessons that explain the basics of the flair bartender. You get to learn how to flip bottles in the air, slide them around the bar, and many other great bartending maneuvers that are sure to make you look more like a showman than just a bartender.

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