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Zwinky – What the heck is a Zwinky and what is all the hype about?

If you have kids or still feel like a kid at heart, then you’ve probably heard or seen things about Zwinkys. The big question is: What exactly is a Zwinky?

Simply put, a Zwinky is a small animated on-screen character that can be fully customized to your own tastes and interests. Although there are other online services that try to compete, they usually fall short.

So what makes Zwinkys so special?

  1. They are very simple to configure and create.
  2. They seem to have a unique design that makes everyone fall in love with them.
  3. Actually, it doesn’t cost you anything to start using them. 100% free

So why do so many people like them?

The reason that Zwinkys are so popular with people of all ages is because of the simplicity they offer to create a unique avatar, which anyone can use to identify themselves in chat rooms, online forums, and social media sites. They offer the ability to change your character very quickly depending on how you feel that day and you can also customize them for specific holidays with just a few mouse clicks. So if it’s Christmas, dressing them in a Santa suit might just be the style you’re looking for. In April, maybe a Zwinky Easter bunny.

One of the many great features is that when you make these changes, you only have to do it in one location. Once you have made your changes and click the Save button, these changes will take effect on all of your Zwinky locations.

Another great benefit for children is the fact that they can protect their identity and information online from Internet marauders. Parents especially like this feature because they feel more comfortable when their kids are online.

Once you’ve finished creating your own Zwinky, the next step is to enter the virtual world known as Zwinktopia. This virtual world is very similar to other online social networking sites, where you can set up a profile page. Here you can add friends and chat on various topics. You can even do some virtual shopping with your zbucks, which are your Zwinktopia dollars.

Contrary to what you might think, Zwinkys aren’t just for kids. There are many people of all ages who get caught up in this phenomenon. Once you set up yours, you will find it great and the fun can last for hours. Have fun!

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