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Tea "jingle" Bill For Cars: Will this destroy a lot of American Muscle Cars?

Future generations may not be able to buy cars that are part of their youth like older people can. Most of us can buy cars that we drove as teenagers, which are the old classic muscle cars. There is a new bill that has passed the “clunker” bill, this is where the government will give rebates if you hand out cars that don’t get great gas mileage.


If you trade in a “junkie” for a newer car that gets better gas mileage, you may qualify for that rebate.


What they consider a clunker is a gas guzzler, which is a vehicle that gets less than 18 MPG. This would cover many SUVs, pickup trucks, and muscle cars. This could cover many of the classic vehicles and vehicles that may be considered classic in a few years off the roads permanently.


Cars are part of our history. Cars have always had a soft spot in many of our hearts and souls, what will happen to these vehicles that you consider to be clunkers? For this bill to pass, dealers would have to squash them and get the clunkers off the roads. This bill is designed to replace older model cars that you expect to be from 1984 or later with newer vehicles that are fuel efficient and will get better gas mileage. This will take many reliable vehicles off the road that are not only classic but will be desirable in the future as sought after vehicles by car collectors.

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