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Memory combinations

Don’t think you practice “by heart” 1-2-3, and so on. The type of “responses” to street attacks is a viable or particularly useful training exercise. Example: he does this, I do that. For the attack AI, use Defense A.

Realize that in a street fight there are too many variables, too many contingencies. Uncle Murphy rules the chicken coop. The terrain, the weather, injuries, any number of unforeseen deficits is a major concern.

The variety of bullies (size, number, weight, height, mental state, pain tolerance, clothing) is another big obstacle.

Train your “tools”, study your “objectives” and master your “initial tactic”, anything “rehearsed” beyond that point, that sudden and explosive initial action is not realistic.

ANYONE with real experience knows. Anything that can go wrong … WILL DO IT! Therefore, your training should emphasize instinctive and spontaneous “reactions” as opposed to “responses” attempted by rote. You “take” whatever the attacker gives you, or make whatever opening you need, but there is NO way to know this beforehand!

Many of the so-called “combative” systems miss the most fundamental principle of training …….. KISS!

A padded syllabus may “seem” impressive and “complete,” but in light of the stark reality of survival, it is counterproductive.

Get your “tools” in the Old School series. Those of you who practice with Video OS1, Fundamentals of Unarmed Combat know what I’m talking about. Remember to practice REACTIONS, not ANSWERS! Practice reacting in a certain way. They are some combinations of two or three techniques practiced over and over again.

TASK: Take the combination of a short ax hand, a long ax hand, a chin jab, and a knee (from video OS1). in a SparPro or heavy bag, whatever you can do. Practice this 300 times a day. After 5 days, let me know what you find.

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