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Twenty20 Cup is Future Cricket – Okay or not?

Change is the law of nature. Everything changes with time and so do sports. All sports have undergone major changes and made these games more popular. Similarly, the bosses who run cricket have made their fair share of changes to the game.

About 35 years ago, when the first One Day Match between England and Australia was played in Melbourne in 1971, most cricket critics faced this format of play. In 1975, the West Indies won the first official world cup. Soon, the ODIs were all the rage with day and night matches, colorful clothing, innovative tactics, and new strategies that added more excitement to the game.

The World Cup became a regular fixture and test cricket also changed with more matches throwing in a winner.

Although after its inception, ODI cricket reached its heights, but slowly, the game is facing a decline in popularity, especially in developed countries. ICC tried their best to spread the game around the world, but most countries rejected it due to its length.

But then in 2003 there was time for one more change in the format with another shortened version of the game that came out. It was the Twenty20 in which each team had only 20 overs to play and the match was over in about three hours. And just like the first ODI World Cup, we are witnessing the first Twenty20 World Cup these days.

Once again, critics question the standard of the game. According to them, it is a fair batter game and many bowlers echoed the same as well, but Brett Lee’s hatrick, Daniel Vittori and Mohammad Asif’s match-winning spells had proven at the 2020 World Cup that if the conditions are favorable, so there can’t be a much better cricket than that. , example is the India – Pakistan party.

Advertisers and sponsors are also reportedly interested in the twenty20 format and then the test and ODI.

The Twenty20 World Cup in South Africa is the example of how a fan can enjoy cricket as an outing with friends and family. One has to dedicate only three hours to the game. For a cricket fan, it’s like looking for live action instead of movies.

That is certain that in a cricket crazy nation like India, the popularity and madness by twenty20 will surpass the ODI and that is the reason why the rebellious Zee Group is starting with twenty20 and the BCCI is following it as well. England had also announced a 25 percent increase in next season’s twenty-twenty games.

So ladies and gentlemen, you are witnessing the future of cricket, which is capable of revolutionizing and globalizing the game.

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