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2006 New York Giants preview

The New York Giants were 11-6 last season and made the playoffs as the NFC East champions. Quarterback Eli Manning was talked about throughout the year. Was he like his more successful brother Payton? That question was answered in the playoffs when, like his brother, Eli did not show up. The Giants were absolutely devastated in their only playoff game. Eli was nowhere to be found. They hope to change things this season.

Attack player

Eli Manning begins to mature. Initially, he had real problems with road games. He’s starting to get over his NFL childhood and become a more stable quarterback. Manning still has trouble completing passes, but is expected to grow further this season. If he stays healthy and improves his game, he will be a good asset to the team. When it comes to quarterbacks, he’s in the middle of the group.

Running back

It’s no wonder the backfield is the strength of this team. Last season, Tiki Barber had a tremendous year. He rushed for 1,860 yards and gave Sean Alexander a run for his money. For him, the blockade is Jim Finn. The Giants have one of the best backfields in the league. It is not the best, but it is very close.

Receiving Core

Any receiving team that has tight end Jeremy Shockey is sure to be at least decent. He’s a monster tight end who forces better coverage than a defensive end or linebacker. The Giants added sprinter Sinorice Moss. He was selected this year in the second round. The Giants are hoping it adds a bit of flare and helps stretch the defense even more. The Giants’ receiving core is definitely above average. If Manning can start putting the pieces together, the Giants have an offense that can score and run time off the clock.

Defense and special teams

The Giants defense was regular last season. They didn’t really appear in the playoffs at all. To help bolster the defense, the Giants added LaVar Arrington, who played for Washington last season. They lost their great nose tackle Kendrick Clancy. This loss of key could kill them against the race. We will have to see how the replacement fares. Still, the Giants are above average on defense. I don’t think they make the top 10 in defense, but they shouldn’t be that far below that overall. The Giants have a great special teams unit and that won’t change in 2006.

Prediction 2006

The Giants will have to fight for the NFC East this season. The Cowboys are expected to fight for it. The NFC East could be one of the best divisions in football. Look for them to take another trip to the playoffs. Hopefully Eli Manning will show up this time around and Giants fans will be able to enjoy a real performance in the playoffs. The Giants have a potentially tough schedule. They could finish 10-6.

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