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5 Warning Signs to Look For When Buying Fentanyl

When Buying Fentanyl Pill

The first time I heard about Fake Pain Pill Fentanyl, I was intrigued. After all, I had heard of the new designer drug on the news. So I decided to see if it was real or not and if it were dangerous. Here is what I learned.

First off, let me say that Fentanyl is not a real opioid at all. It is actually an illegal Schedule II narcotic that is 50 times more potent than morphine. There are no medications that can replace an illegal narcotic like Fentanyl. You will not find Fentanyl in any of the popular over-the-counter pain pills. There is even a prescription drug that doctors prescribe for it, but if you are going to take a fake pill you are risking your life.

Second, if you are addicted to other drugs, especially opiates, you are not a good candidate for using Fentanyl Pill either. If you are taking a non addictive narcotics such as oxycodone, hydrocodone or heroin, you will not be able to substitute Fentanyl. Those drugs are for those who are addicted to them and want a legal alternative. If you are not an addict and you want a legal alternative to Fentanyl, you need to stop taking those other drugs and use a natural herbal alternative.

5 Warning Signs to Look For When Buying Fentanyl

Third, when you buy a fake pill, the quantity that is in each dose will not be anywhere near the amount that is in the actual dosage. This means that even though you think you are taking enough, you may not be. Even if you are taking an accurate dosage in the bottle, the inactive ingredients in the fake pills could be converting to active ingredients before you know it.

Fourth, if you choose to buy a pill from someone and you do not know the exact amount, you are very likely to be taken for a ride. That person may put very little amount of filler into each pill and put in very little amount of active ingredient. This means that the entire pill is essentially useless unless you know exactly how much is inside. When you know exactly how much, you can purchase the proper amount of Fentanyl to put in the pills without getting taken advantage of the seller.

Fifth, many people buy fake pills for their own use and they don’t really know the full amount of filler in each pill. They may just think that the pharmacist has marked the box “equally” to the amount of the real pill. That is fine, but if you do not know what the “total” amount is, you are still taking a gamble. You will be much safer if you just buy the real thing.

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