American History Unit 1 – New World Explorers Homeschool Curriculum

American History Unit 1

The New World Explorers homeschool curriculum takes your students on a journey to learn about exploration, discovery, and colonization. With reading and activity pages, maps, timelines, a reusable map with wet erase markers, and more, this is a great way to teach your children about the beginning of our country.

Using living books and the Charlotte Mason method of learning, this us history homeschool curriculum will help your students understand what life was like in America’s early years. Students will read stories and biographies about the first Indigenous people, Vikings, and explorers while filling in their Explorer Journal and adding to their timeline. This unit also includes an overview of the different Native American tribes and their culture, as well as a lesson on how to make your own compass.

The Usborne Book of World History is an excellent resource for teaching your kids about the events that shaped our country and the world in which we live. This secular book is easy to read for kids in grades four and up, with beautiful photographs and interesting sidebars to help them engage with the content.

American History Unit 1 – New World Explorers Homeschool Curriculum

Looking beyond just facts, this history curriculum examines what caused the actions of historical figures through a discussion of their motives and beliefs. Then, students are encouraged to compare those beliefs with their own and evaluate whether or not they were reasonable. This is a unique approach to homeschooling history that will encourage your student to think critically about the past.

This homeschool history curriculum offers a unique learning experience with the use of living books, video lessons, and hands-on activities. Students will have the opportunity to work in small groups while completing their assigned lessons. This allows teachers to focus on individual student needs and provides a more interactive experience for students.

With a strong emphasis on learning through reading, writing, and analyzing, this homeschool history curriculum is a great choice for your family. Each lesson is broken down into short, open and go lessons that are designed to be flexible to fit your family’s schedule. Each lesson also includes book lists, supply list, multiple activity instructions with photo examples, recipe or project suggestions, and map labeling prompts.

Explore the many options available for homeschool history curricula by browsing through our wide selection of products. Whether you are looking for a complete American History program or something more specialized, there is bound to be a product that will meet your child’s educational needs and match your homeschooling philosophy. So take a look at the options and start your search today! You will be glad you did. Happy homeschooling!

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