Can You Get a Bail Bond For a Juvenile?

Bail Bond For a Juvenile

Whether they’re at home or out and about with friends, teenagers often make mistakes that lead to their arrest. It can be scary when your child is taken into custody because you worry about what will happen to them in the court system. The good news is that juveniles are treated differently than adults when it comes to the justice system. That includes the right to bail.

The question that many parents have is if their child can be bailed out of jail. It all depends on the type of crime they’ve been accused of and the severity of the offense. In addition to that, a judge will also have a say in the matter. They will review the case and decide if they think it’s necessary to keep the minor in custody for a certain period of time in order to teach them a lesson or scare them straight.

Generally, juveniles will be released back into the custody of their parents after they’ve been arrested. This is because the goal of the juvenile justice system is to rehabilitate and supervise young convicts so they can rejoin society as functioning citizens. If the judge decides to release the minor from custody, they may have conditions placed on them such as electronic ankle monitoring devices, house arrest and intensive adult supervision.

Can You Get a Bail Bond For a Juvenile?

In some cases, the judge will decide that a juvenile should be kept in detention until their trial date. That will happen if the crime is considered to be serious, such as a felony. In that case, they’ll be denied bail or given a very high bail bonds reviews that they’re unlikely to be able to afford.

If your child is charged with a crime and they fall into this category, you’ll want to contact a local bail bonds company like The Better Bail as soon as possible. We can help you get your child out of jail quickly and ensure that they show up for their court dates.

Depending on the crime, your child might be eligible for standard bail. It all comes down to the severity of the crime and whether they’re going to be bumped up into the adult criminal system or not.

Until 2013, juveniles were not allowed to bond out of detention centers unless they were being charged with more serious adult crimes. However, thanks to a Supreme Court ruling named Treacy vs. Lamberti, that has changed. This allows most juveniles to go home with their parents while they await their trial dates. It can still be a big financial burden for some families so it’s important to find the best bail bonding companies in your area. A company like The Better Bail can provide 24/7 service and offer convenient payment plans to help you cover the costs. They can even help you apply for a low credit score bail bond if needed. To learn more about your options for a bail bond for your child, talk to an expert.

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