Master Cleaning Recipe: Using Cup Measurements

Master Cleanse or lemon juice diet recipe

3/4 cup or 12 tbsp. lemon juice

1/2 teaspoon cayenne pepper

3/4 cup or 12 tbsp. Grade B Maple Syrup

7 1/2 gold cup 60 oz. Filtered water

Mix all the ingredients together. Use an empty 32 oz glass juice bottle or plastic water bottle for storage and drinking. Makes 6 servings. 6 servings = 1 day of Master Cleanse.

* Use freshly squeezed lemon juice.

* Maple syrup must be grade B.

* Water must be purified.

*Organic if possible. (Optional)

* You can use lemon pulp, not in the original recipe, but I think it is more profitable and does not alter the results.

Single Serve Master Clean

2 tbsp. lemon juice

2 tbsp. Maple syrup

1/10 teaspoon Cayenne pepper powder

1 1/4 cup gold 10 oz. Filtered water

Take the single-serving recipe 6 times a day to equal a full day’s worth of Master Cleanse.

salt water discharge

4 C gold 32 oz purified water

2 tbsp. non-iodized sea salt

Mix all the ingredients and heat on the stove until the salt dissolves. Drink all 32 oz. of salty water

The salt water acts like an enema and causes an immediate release. If nothing happens, rinse again with salt water adding more salt.

The salt water is supposed to trick the mind into thinking it is blood and therefore not absorbed by the body. Do this in the morning, but leave the whole day free for this experiment.

herbal detox tea

It can be purchased at any pharmacy or online vitamin store. It is recommended to drink the detox tea every night and do the salt water rinse in the morning (but I prefer to skip the detox tea as I find it unnecessary).

Pros and cons of Master Cleanse

Pros: You will lose weight quickly, but you can gain it back once you eat solid food. It may be better than the current diet. If you thrive on structure and few food choices, you can focus on eating healthy and changing your lifestyle. It can help remove toxins and other nutrients from your body.

Cons: You may feel irritable and dizzy for the first few days. It can be expensive. You may need an electric lemon squeezer because squeezing lemons manually becomes tedious. Detox Tea can cause diarrhea and painful cramps without elimination. Salt Water Flush may not have elimination. If elimination does not occur, the salt water can be absorbed into the body, leaving it physically swollen and bloated. Bad breath. It should not be used by pregnant or lactating persons. It can affect the medication. I also find that those who are already quite healthy or vegetarians do not benefit from Master Cleanse as much as people who eat a lot of meat or eat a lot of junk food.

Note: I find that making the detox tea and salt water is too much for most people. Side effects can be painful cramping or swelling. I would only recommend doing the salt water rinse and not the detox tea no more than once a day for a maximum of 1-2 days. (This is from personal experience, and No part of the original master cleaning instructions).

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