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Shop and save at your nearest Bolton’s clothing store

The Bolton’s is a chain of retail stores owned by the A& E Company founded in 1973, with outlets spread across several US cities. Its concept is to sell ‘More for Less’. The merchandise covers almost all essential clothing and accessories for the ‘grown-up’ crowd. The Bolton chain has 17 discount women’s clothing stores in New York City alone.

Casual wear and designer wear find equal footing in Bolton shops because you’ll find the designer range is also reasonably priced. Designer clothing is kept under the banners “Famous Maker Dresses” and Designer Suits. You can find the most sought after brands here like Calvin Klein, Maggy London and Liz Clairborne here.

Ladies’ everyday wear consists of statement skirts, shorts, and prairie skirts. Linen blouses and polyester pants are good work clothes. There is a commendable range of bags, jewellery, shoes, hats and watches that have good designer ranges and affordable prices and are therefore in high demand among the ladies.

You can find a wide variety of gift items such as soap boxes, candles and stationery beautifully decorated with floral decorations.

The prices at Bolton’s are the main draw. There are frequent discount sales when you easily shop for your necessities and more at prices you couldn’t even dream of. January-February and July-August are the time for Bolton’s end of season sale. Right now, most merchandise will be discounted 20% to 50% off the actual price, again drawing a crowd of customers to the store.

Stores are open from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. daily. You can login to their official site and provide your email id and other necessary details to get updated information of their latest collections and discount offers.

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