Where Can I Outsource Software Development From Norway?

Outsource Software Development

If your company is looking for software developers from Norway, there are multiple options to choose from. You can hire an onshore team (in your country), nearshore (in a neighboring country or within 1-3 time zones from your office), or offshore (at a greater distance). The choice depends on the level of control you want to exert over the external team, and how much money you are willing to spend.

One of the most popular software outsourcing destinations is Eastern Europe. Poland, Ukraine, and Serbia have been gaining popularity among Nordic companies over the past couple of years, due to their strong IT industry and talented workforce. The fact that they are close to the Nordic market also makes them an attractive outsourcing partner.

However, many Nordic tech stakeholders are concerned about cultural differences and lack of communication channels with remote software development partners. Gartner’s research shows that the main worries regarding IT sourcing include service providers being reactive rather than proactive (53%), not being transparent and open about project changes (47%), and not continuously improving their services (44%).

If you decide to Outsource Software Development from Norway, you should find a vendor that is reliable, offers a high-quality product, and has extensive experience with projects of a similar nature. It’s important to establish a proper communication channel from the very beginning of your cooperation, which includes setting up appropriate meeting times and providing clear project documentation. It’s also a good idea to run a thorough final background check on potential contractors, order a small testing task, visit their offices, and negotiate and sign a contract.

Where Can I Outsource Software Development From Norway?

Hiring a dedicated team from Norway is another option, but it can be costly. You will have to pay the developer’s salary plus the vendor’s fixed service fee. This model is optimal for long-term projects with fluid requirements or software that requires the full attention of a dedicated team 24/7.

The Nordic IT market is booming, and it’s getting harder and harder to find talented software engineers. Consequently, software developer salaries are skyrocketing. It’s no wonder that many companies are turning to IT outsourcing to keep up with the competition.

But you have to remember that hiring a full-stack.NET developer Oslo or a freelance iOS developer Oslo will be quite expensive, especially considering the high welfare level in Norway. Moreover, the local IT market lacks qualified specialists and you will have to compete with other employers for their attention.

Besides, Norwegian developers have a reputation for being very demanding in terms of their work-life balance and expectations. It will be challenging to find a candidate willing to accept your terms and conditions. Moreover, you will have to bear the cost of recruitment and training. Besides, there will be spendings on equipment, infrastructure, office space, and medical insurance. All of these costs can significantly increase your project budget.

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