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Using psychic ability to levitate

Levitation is the ability to rise from the ground using the psychic ability of the mind. It is possible to train yourself to achieve levitation in the same way that it is possible to develop any of your psychic abilities through training. The mind assimilates everything it encounters, even if you don’t consciously register it. And this is as true of the spiritual world as it is of the physical world. Training yourself to use your innate abilities is about being more in touch with the spiritual side and inclined to raise it from an unconscious level to a conscious one. This can be done with concentration and careful training.

There are many techniques you can find to learn how to levitate. If you can harness your innate psychic ability and develop it properly, then levitation should be within your realm of possibility. The most obvious thing about levitation would seem to be the ability to rise from the ground, but this really isn’t the best place to start. It’s certainly not something to focus on if you want to be successful. The most important thing is to concentrate on clearing your mind and getting in touch with the metaphysical world. You can train to do this and increase your skills to a very high level.

So the first step in physical levitation is not to worry about whether or not you will succeed, but to focus on linking your mind with the psychic dimension. If you can connect and have a greater awareness of this connection, then you will be well on your way to successful levitation. Being able to control your thoughts and successfully use the hidden experiences of the mind will allow you to achieve amazing things. Levitation is possible through an extremely focused application of energy that you can focus with the power of your mind.

To achieve successful levitation, you first need to charge your body with psychic energy. You must do this in your own personal way that you have trained yourself to do. After this you can visualize yourself standing in front of your own body. You must then use your visualization techniques to see your energy move into your physical body and only at this point do you specifically focus on using that energy to levitate your body from the ground. You must focus the power flowing through your mind on lifting your body off the ground and focus only on the visualization of this happening. Hold the image for a short time and then let your physical body gently return to the ground. While in the correct state of consciousness, repeat the levitation two or three times if you feel comfortable with it.

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